January 11, 2018


“After 35 years of building my business, I decided it was time to sell and retire.  When I met David, I was extremely impressed with his game plan.  He explained the process and helped me understand what was involved every step of the way.  During our first meeting with the buyer, he clearly explained both sides of the sales process so we both knew what to expect.  He was thorough and stayed on top of the details which we reviewed in weekly calls.  I was so impressed with the outcome, that I’ve already recommended David to a friend of mine.”

— Seller

“David is the best broker I’ve ever worked with.  He is thorough, pays attention to the details, and sees the purchase process all the way through – even beyond the closing date.  Throughout the process of buying my business, David stayed in daily contact through everything.  He was highly knowledgeable about the industry and always got answers to my questions.  If you’re buying or selling a business, David is your guy.” 

— Buyer

“I’ve worked with David as both a business buyer and seller.  He helped me to buy my HVAC company 3½ years ago.  When I decided to sell my business, I knew who to call to handle it right.  David is very thorough and takes care of the hundreds of details involved in a business sale.  He’s a good negotiator and knows what it takes to close the deal.  A lot of other brokers don’t have that.  I can’t imagine dealing with anyone else.”

— Buyer and Seller

“As a buyer of one of David Weber’s listings, I worked with him from the beginning of the process through the closing and was impressed with his work ethic, broad ranging business knowledge, friendly personality, and ability to work well under pressure.  David’s mediation/consulting approach was transparent for both parties with successful closing in mind. And David stayed involved for weeks after the closing making sure all parties held up to their agreed duties. Buyer or seller – David would be the first person I would call.”

— Buyer

“David is thorough in how he handled everything.  He is very detail oriented and made the process easier for both the buyer and the seller.

I never felt the need to hire my own broker to negotiate the deal on my behalf as I felt comfortable in working with David. He made all the issues transparent to both the buyer and seller throughout the process. I would recommend David to others who were looking to buy or sell a business.”

— Buyer

“David was always transparent and fair in all things, which I believe the buyer appreciated as much as I did. We had weekly conference calls that included the buyer and his team. I have been on both the “buy” and “sell” side and I can tell you that these calls made all the difference in getting a great deal done and keeping both sides happy and informed.

Aside from these great qualities, I would say that I appreciate most of all his desire to get the highest and best deal for me. This was always his main goal and he achieved above and beyond what I had expected. I sold a business for a price far higher than I paid for it just 3 years prior. He has also continued to assist with questions and tying up loose ends over a year after the closing. He is experienced, skilled and has a strong work-ethic.  I will use David in all my future business ventures and would happily recommend him to all my family and friends. I can’t imagine buying or selling a business without him on my team.”

— Seller

“I was looking to purchase a business.  After originally working with a listing broker to purchase a company which we were unable to finance, my lender recommended I speak with David. 

David was a true mentor to me throughout the purchase process.  He helped me to understand the types of businesses to find the best fit.  I learned he will only work with serious buyers and sellers to ensure a successful sale and a Win-Win for everyone involved.  From the outset, David was the one driving the process.  He did the heavy lifting with the details. 

I would highly recommend David to both buyers and sellers.  He checks all the boxes in what you’d want in a business broker.  In a nutshell, I could not have done it without David.  I like to think that buying the business was my Mt. Everest and he was my Sherpa.”

— Buyer

“When the time came to sell my business, I interviewed several business brokers. I knew what my business was worth even though they were telling me it was worth less than that. They basically glanced through my financials and came up with their valuation in ten minutes, telling me they would pitch it to many other brokers and advertise it for sale. I got the feeling they wanted the listing for a quick sale. My business, that I had spent 40 years building, was going to be put in a big pot with the hopes that someone would sell it and the brokers would share the commission, which was quite high.

I contacted my CPA, got some numbers on how much I should anticipate paying in taxes, calculated the brokers commission and other fees associated with the sale to get a real number of what I would walk away with after taxes. Now I knew the number that I would agree to sell for.

I had known David Weber for about 30 years through a mutual friend. I ran in to him one day after not seeing him for years, we talked and quickly caught up. It must have been fate. He was selling businesses and commercial real estate and I had a business and commercial real estate I wanted to sell.

— Seller