What's the value of your business?

Market Facts

Only 25% of businesses that go on the market, actually sell. That means 75% of the sellers are not finding the right adviser to properly value and handle all the details involved to get their business sold. Find out how Adviser One out performs those market facts.

Our focus

You only sell your business One time. You want a business broker who has Experience, Integrity and gets Results.

With over 30-years’ experience, David Weber and Adviser One provide business brokerage services throughout Florida and specialize in the sale of privately-held businesses and commercial real estate to individuals and corporate buyers.

Why Adviser One?

What sets David Weber and Adviser One apart from other brokers are negotiation and deal structuring abilities, comprehensive business analytics services, actionable business strategies, individual analysis of the client’s complete company, on-time delivery and solid results. Over his 30+ years-experience in mergers and acquisitions, David Weber has successfully negotiated more than $300 million dollars in transactions and brings a specialized professional approach to every client project.

The Bottom Line

When making critical business decisions you need an experienced professional who takes your needs seriously. I value the total One-on-One relationship with my clients and promise to deliver results that meet and exceed your expectations.

Experience – Integrity – Results

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