Selling your business

Whatever your reasons may be, selling your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want the process to proceed smoothly for you, your employees, and your customers. Most importantly, you want to maximize your return on the investment you have so carefully made. Adviser One builds a confidential, focused, and targeted marketing plan specific to your business to reach the most qualified buyers in the marketplace. I analyze your Company with state-of-the-art business programs and prepare it to sell for optimum price and terms, in a reasonable amount of time and to deliver the results you are looking for.

Selling a business is a process, not an event and to do it right it takes preparation, time, and diligence. You only sell your business one time. By reading the steps below you will gain important insights into the process of selling your business.

Seven Critical Factors

In every business sale, there are Seven Critical Factors required to make it successful:

  1. Extreme Confidentiality
  2. Justifiable Pricing
  3. Target Marketing
  4. Qualified, Motivated Buyers
  5. Win-Win Negotiations
  6. Organized Due Diligence
  7. No Impact Closing

It starts with getting to know you and your company. I work One-on-One with you throughout the process.

Initial Consultation

I begin the process with an informal consultation to explain what is involved in selling your business. In a simple and straightforward manner, we will explain the steps to a successful outcome. Call or email me to schedule your One-on-One consultation.

Company Questionnaire

Once we have decided on the services you need, I will email you the Adviser One Company Questionnaire. This simple form helps give me an overview of every major aspect of your Company and its uniqueness in the industry.

In-Person Meeting

Next, I meet with you to review the listing agreements and develop a company-focused Strategic Marketing Plan. This targeted action plan includes marketing activities and timelines and gives you a comprehensive overview of the selling process.

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