Target Marketing

Professional Networks

A percentage of buyers come through Adviser Ones professional networks, including the BBF, BizBuySell, Business Broker Net, and others. At the same time, many of my buyers come directly due to targeted direct marketing and advertising efforts. This creates the largest possible universe of potential buyers for your business while allowing us the opportunity to be selective. At your discretion, I can also list your business as an exclusive listing, accepting buyers coming only through our firm. The choice is yours.

E-Marketing Your Business

The beginnings of most successful transactions today are initiated on the web. Astute buyers, intermediaries, investment bankers, and acquisitions organizations regularly use the web to identify business and acquisition opportunities. I identify and catalog specialized sites that target the myriad of individual, corporate and institutional buyers that may be interested in purchasing your business. This gives you the broadest possible exposure while controlling access to your private information. By doing this, I bring the most qualified local buyers and buyers outside the area creating an environment of high desirability for your business. Doing this also reduces local exposure and helps to minimize confidentiality concerns. No information is given to anyone on your business without a signed Confidentiality and Non-Compete Disclosure, a review of their background, and a review of their financial qualifications. This assures you of confidentiality and privacy throughout the sales process and avoids wasting time with unqualified and unmotivated buyers.

Conventional Marketing Programs

Conventional marketing tools are still as useful today as they have always been. The problem is that “business brokers” do not use these tools, partially because they want to keep costs to a minimum. Consequently, your business sits on listing sites until a buyer happens to find it. While listing sites are valuable, they do not fulfill the total marketing needs. Adviser One utilizes the other solutions that must be employed to sell your business in a reasonable amount of time to a qualified buyer. Buyers for your business must be actively sought out, qualified, and communicated to find the best buyer for your business. This is an expensive, arduous process that requires time, effort, and creativity. Based on each client’s marketing agreement, Adviser One does direct mail, direct e-mail, network marketing, web marketing, institutional marketing, trade shows, and local and trade advertising to complement our e-marketing efforts. This assures your business receives maximum exposure and maximum opportunity to reach buyers who are in the market to buy now.

Keeping You Updated

I keep you informed of the selling process at all times, one-on-one regarding marketing activities and other critical tasks.

Step Four: Qualified, Motivated Buyers

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