Qualified, Motivated Buyers

The Perfect Buyer

Every seller wants the perfect buyer. Whether it’s a person or company, all of us would like an all-cash deal, a full price offer, the least inconvenience and cost, fast closing, and parties that are great to deal with. Sometimes that even happens! But the reality is, it often doesn’t. Buyers have many questions and need answers to why you are selling, how accurate are your books and records, what is the future of the business, will the employees stay, and other issues and questions. Typically, larger businesses and corporations are less affected by financial questions based on their professional operations, but even these businesses go through due diligence and often, multiple suitors. Your business is unique, and I view it that way. I expend professional time and effort to understand your enterprise and make it as saleable as possible, helping you to show it well, have presentable financials, justify price and terms, and keep all the parties communicating. Most important of all, I strive to identify financially and professionally qualified buyers who have a serious interest in your business and then market your business aggressively to these buyers. Doing all of this offers assurance that your sale will be as smooth and successful as possible.

Qualified Buyers

When I market your business, I make all efforts to present only qualified buyers to you. The buyers complete a buyer profile, standard confidentiality/disclosure agreement, and financial statement. I get to know the buyers up-front to assess their business experience, background, motivation, timetable, and financial strength. I then introduce them to the SBA lender(s). I don’t want to waste your time or confidentiality.

Showing Your Business

Once we have qualified the buyer, we meet with you at the business location at a time convenient for you. We respect the confidentiality of the sale and do everything possible to maintain a low profile. You have the opportunity to discuss the unique strengths of your business and the growth potential with the prospect and determine their fit for your business.

Step Five: Win-Win Negotiations

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